Our Motivation

Imagine this happening to you...

You spent months or years planning and preparing for your wedding, mitzvah, sweet 16, birthday, anniversary, baby shower or graduation.  You stressed and labored over every detail.  What an incredible night of dancing, music, food, cake, friends, family and even surprise guests from far places. There were lots of wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Everyone raved about how amazing the party was but the evening wasn't quite finished.

All your closest friends and family had finally gone home. The night was a huge success and everyone had an amazing time. Sure there were tons of selfies still to post on Instagram, left over cake and a few party favors to put away but there was one last yet VERY important detail to cover...

There was a huge table full of beautifully wrapped presents to load into the car and suit jacket pocket brimming with tightly sealed envelopes.  The first order of business was to honor all of your guests with a proper thank you and acknowledgement of their attendance as well as a specific reference to each guest's thoughtful and generous gift.

Maybe there were hundreds of guests and you were faced with the daunting task of ensuring every guest received a proper and thoughtful thank you along with all the other things you have to mange in your already busy life. 

What if it could be managed from your phone or computer? What if there was an App for that?  Is there an App for that? 

The founders of GIFTSECURE had this very experience. After much searching, they realized there is no such App.  This is when they decided that they should build the app and website to solve this problem.  Thus was born GIFTSECURE!

We live in a world of Apps to manage just about every aspect of our daily lives. Your image and reputation are two things you can never afford to compromise.  GIFTSECURE enables you to track responses to multiple events and all from the convenience of your mobile device or computer.

GIFTSECURE is easy to use and will ensure you never leave a guest feeling unappreciated or forgotten. It takes just a few simple clicks and you can focus all of your free time enjoying those gifts rather than dealing with the administrative hassle of events, gifts and thank you notes. 

Its easy so get started now.

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