Give the gift of your love, appreciation and gratitude without worry. 

GIFTSECURE is dedicated to simplifying and securing gift exchange. The concept was born from the frustration of managing gifts around group events such as weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, graduations, etc.

Keeping track of gifts, securing them, depositing funds to a physical…
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    Many weddings fall victim to theft!
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    Send a gift to the Sweet 16 in your life!
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    Celebrate their achievement!
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    Sending thanks has never been easier!
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    I love getting my RSVP's anywhere!
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    Use GIFTSECURE for eco-friendly thank yous!
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    I can't believe they never said thanks.

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Gift Horror Stories

  • Brad Brad

    Despite being very organized with spreadsheets to keep track of all the gifts around my big event, I still forgot one thank you note and hurt someones feelings.

  • Kim Kim

    Nearly two years after my daughters bat-mitzvah I was approached by a relative who had not received a thank you note. She was very upset by the misunderstanding. I felt terrible. I won't make this mistake again with GIFTSECURE.

  • Mike Mike

    About 6 months after our wedding several people contacted us to ask why we hadn't cashed checks or sent a thank you. We came to find a bag of envelopes with cash and checks that had been overlooked in a closet somewhere. We could have avoided the whole thing.

  • Ehren Ehren

    I had planned to mail a gift. I lost the card and gift check commuting into the city. The bank wants $40.00 to cancel the check. I wonder who has my checking account number? I don’t need this!

  • Keith Keith

    Someone forgot to date their gift check. The bank wont deposit it. I hate to go back to ask for a new check. What a nuisance.

  • Jennifer Jennifer

    I sent a gift card to my niece and it got lost in the mail. I cant find the receipt. I guess that money is gone.

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